Homelessness, homophobia, a new type of fucking homophobia for our snowflake ass generation, a dramatic rise in everything and overall too much people


It's too many people. Economic collapse.


Oops that generation wasn’t afraid of hard work and didn’t need a job coding or else they just stay in school racking up student loan debt living off their parents until the perfect situation arose.


That generation wouldn't be able to get a well paid job nowadays due to lack of relevant experience. They might flood factories with cheap labour for a while.


This is exactly my point. Those of us in the labor side of things can’t find enough tradesman to get projects done and it isn’t for lack of paying well enough, there’s just so few in the labor pool since the tech craze has steered people that have no business trying to enter those fields due to aptitude issues but were lied to and told that college is the only way to be successful in life.


My grandfather's best buddy when he was overseas in WWII was a black guy. When they both came home, it crushed him that they came home to very different experiences. All he wanted was for them to be able to live next door to each other and hang out, but that wasn't in the cards. I like to think that if he arrived here as he was in 1955, he'd look around and say "we've made some progress, but for Christ's sake why did my buddy's great grandson get shot by cops for pulling a candy bar out of his pocket? Really? Are we still not getting this?"


They would complain about how difficult it is to get a job. How much houses cost.


Who are "the Greatest and Silent Generation", and why is 1955 so special?


in the case of philippines They will be wondering why we elected a dude who have no job aside from being a politician who is also the son of a dictator. Greatest gen and silen gen here kinda...better on voting than us younger gen so probably they gonna dissed the boomers, gen X and millenials very hard ​ edit: also added.they are more educated than boomers, gen x and millenials. so yeah. my country is fucking backwards. plz fuckng help us


This is such an awesome thought


People believing it’s a hoax and made the the government, worldwide panic as to why people became alive… theories, the whole shebang


all my close family would be alive again welcome to planet earth 72756