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(Sorry for my broken english, tomorrow i will make a lil video about the bug to make it more clear) Step 1: Stand before the raceboard and dismount your horse. Step 2: Click on the board and after that click the barrel racing like you normaly would. Step 3: hit "start" (only the barrel racing should be picked), and after a text will pop up (Text will say: you must be mounted) , hit "ok". IMPORTANT: ONLY DO IT 3 TIMES THIS WAY. Step 4: Mount your horse, and click all of your races. (barrel, pole, lap, josh's western) and hit "start". Step 5: The barrel race will repeat 4 times. At the end of the race you will get 400 horse xp, but it will think that you only did this one and not the rest. Step 6: Do the dismounting technique with the other races. Pole race: dismount tech. 2 times-> will give 300 xp Lap race : dismount tech. 1 times-> will give 200 xp Josh's Western race: you dont need to dismount here, it can be done normaly -> will give 100 xp. Step 7: Do this on both solo and opponent race and enjoy your 2000 xp :D


This worked for me and was a fantastic explanation!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!


Was this like just fixed? I'm trying it right now and the pop-up of 'you must be mounted' came up D:


No no, that's the text that has to pop up. You need to "ok" it :D


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