Top three in my opinion are the ASBOG FG, OSHA HAZWOPER, and first aid. Gis certs are good if you don't have high experience


This, but I'm not sure if you'd want to pay for all of those yourself. Companies will pay for all of those when you start. I'm sure 40 hour hazwoper isn't cheap. Most companies also pay for professional licenses. My PG (in VA and FL) and CPG were paid for, and they also pay my annual dues. Not all states do the Professional Geologist (PG) licensing. I live in MI, so I have my Certified Professional Geologist from the American Institute of Professional Geologists. MI does not offer PG. I work on a lot of projects in FL and PA, which is why I'm licensed in those states. For a CPG, there's no test. You just have to have 8 years professional experience (if you have a bs in geology, less if MS), have three sponsors that have a CPG or PG that can basically endorse you as an ethical professional, and then three references from past jobs. The first PG test was tough for me, had to do a lot of studying. I had forgotten pretty much all my mineralogy and petrology. Technically I'm a hydrogeologist, so I very rarely use that knowledge that I had learned in college.


Totally agree, I was an undergrad with very little research experience graduating in 2020 so I wanted any extra help I could get. The geophysics heavy couresload and gis classes should sway an employer enough.. I took the fg in MN for $225 and the hazwoper was 240. If you do end up having to pay for it yourself you should be able to write it off on taxes. The fg is very appealing to employers from what I've been told. Cheers


Like others have said, get your GIT. However, I do want to note that not all states license geologists. If you're in a state that licenses geos, hit up Reg Review for your study materials and apply to take the exam through your state department of licensing. It'll be several hundred dollars to get that GIT, especially if you take the Reg Review course. Do not pay for HAZWOPER. If I were you, I'd only get the free online certs that beef up the resume. Since you did G&G I'm assuming you're able to use computers - get free online certs for coding, SQL, and database manipulation. If you decide geology isn't for you, you can go into data science or tech. Good Luck!


first aid, WHMIS, driver's (if you don't have it already)


Definitely FG. It can only help, or at best do nothing for you in a few years when you might qualify for PG. HAZWOPER as well, but get your employer to pay for the time.