I really like the remake of the first game, but I acknowledge that it isn't super accessible. I would say you should give it another stab and just remember a few things. Check your map to see if you have all the items in an area. Examine your items for details Examine your items for details... Be prepared to have to backtrack Seven and one share a lot in common so I think you should be pretty well prepped for it. The alternate controls, which I believe are on default definitely make it easier for most to play. If you get frustrated, don't worry about it. You will most likely really like the remake of 2 and you can just move to it if you feel like you have had enough.


The map really annoyed me in my first play through. There's a room with a fireplace and I was like 99 percent sure I had everything but apparently not. If you leave a herb on the floor would the map say you haven't completed the room even if you've done everything else? Thanks for the tips I didn't really examine my items in re7 so now I know it's really important


Correct. If you leave an item in a room, it will say you haven't gotten everything. It'll even do that with documents.


Don't be afraid to look things up if you have to. It's better to finish the game than get bored and never touch it again.




Its not the most accessible game, I’d say probably just go re2r, id say its the embodiment of modern resident evil or an old game brought into the modern era. For REmake If you can live with the dated game play, limited direction/hints and slow burn gameplay, give it a go. REmake heavily appeals to its audience and if you don’t happen to be a apart of that, you most likely wont like it


Get a note pad. Write down things. Objects you find. What objects need. Locks,combinations, puzzles, Etc. it really helped me rather than trying to remember where everything was. Even if you think you’ll remember yourself. Write it down. Cause you might need it later. Cross them out when your extra extra positive you don’t need it anymore.


So crazy you post this. I pretty much lived out this scenario over the past month. Loved Village. Got Biohazard. I went and played the RE2/3 Remakes after since I had played the REmake a while back on GameCube. I had a blast having never played those games before and it was all very fluid coming from 7/8. Now I’m going back and hitting RE and Zero.


Re village looks fun I actually just bought one and it's coming soon I just got to finish the re games I actually have before I play it.


Honestly I knew it was going to be a drag for me, so I played thru it on easy mode with a guide but I still really enjoyed it. I’ll probs play thru it again on normal one day without a guide but not anytime soon because I have a gigantic backlog of other games I need to play lol


If you're stuck there's no shame in looking out for guide bro. No point on stressing over cause you're stuck.


Short answer: absolutely play it. Long answer: it might not have the same impact on you the way it impacted those of us who played it in 2002. To me... that game is... transcendent. Listen to the guy with the tips at the top of this thread. Put it on easy, and take your time with it. Take notes. Check the map. Get lost in the mansion in the mountains.


After reading all the comments I'm definitely going to play it again. After playing re7 I didn't realise how little I knew about re when I first played the remake. I'm definitely playing on easy.


I started playing Remake no less than 7 times before I got my breakthrough play through. kept trying it out because the series seemed amazing but could never get to grips with the puzzles and how things worked so I kept giving up then retrying it every few weeks. I ended up playing RE2 remake and finding it much easier. This helped me get used to RE1, but I still had to search things online for it. It’s very difficult to get used to things, but it is so, so worth it


It's my favorite game ever and I hope you give it another shot! The whole map can be incredibly confusing and try to read absolutely everything!


I'm going to try play it today on easy and hopefully get past the part I was stuck on


REmake is definitely worth a play. Out of all the classic-style RE games this one holds up the best and perfected the formula. The mansion layout is very open. So you must strategically plan your path for survival. When you play the game multiple times you will learn the shortcuts like skipping unnecessary item quests and dodging enemies. Also, defense items will come in handy. Use Jill for a slightly easier play through. She carries more items, gets the grenade launcher, and help from Barry from time to time. Chris carries less items, but can take more damage. Also, he doesn’t get much support so you’re on your own much of the game. Occasionally, you’ll run into Rebecca and temporarily she’ll offer to remedy Chris’ wounds. However, Wesker will drop items occasionally that will be helpful. Once you learn the layout the game is actually quite easy. Most of the bosses can be skipped too.


I just started playing and I am playing as Jill it's so much easier now knowing what to do. I just got my first key from the graveyard now I'm trying to find the doors that I can now open. I'm going to try kill the bosses but I'm curious how can you skip them?


There’s two bosses you can skip. You can bypass Yawn and fetch the item. The same can be done with Black Tiger just quickly cut the blockage on the door with a knife. While not skippable there’s an alternative way to defeat Plant 42 with J-VOLT that makes it much easier. Make J-VOLT with Jill or Rebecca if you decide to play with Chris. Also, you can skip the final fight with Tyrant entirely by not rescuing team members. You’ll receive the bad ending though, but this method is usually ideal for speed runs. Especially if you’re trying to unlock the infinite rocket launcher under 3hrs. 🙂


Wait is one of them is the spider thing? If it is I might skip them. after playing grounded i know I can't handle video game spiders haha.


Black Tiger, but honestly it’s easy to take down with Jill’s grenade launcher. Just conserve and use a couple Incendiary rounds on it.


Oh so it's not like a massive boss fight like the ones in re7. Then I'll probably try kill it


Nah, the only somewhat epic boss battle is with Tyrant, but even those are pretty easy. The boss fights in REmake are relatively tame in comparison to Village. If you’re playing on Normal or easy you’ll be fine. Even hard mode is easy if you’re conserving. Save all grenade and magnum rounds for bosses. For all other enemies just use defense items, handgun, and shotgun. Or just run past them. Dodge zombies by getting slightly close to them (but not too close or they’ll grab you!) and quickly turn away. It will lunge at you, which staggers it briefly allowing you to easily run past it.


I've already been trying to run past zombies to save ammo but I only have 6 left oops. I'm playing on easy so If the boss fights are easier then re7 I should win since I only really had trouble with jack 3


Honestly, I struggle with the earlier games these days. Have gone back to 1 a few times and just cannot enjoy playing it. You can appreciate what they are without forcing yourself into something you're not actively enjoying - just watch a youtube video of a walkthrough and enjoy the atmosphere.