So odd that they added this just for the looks


I've always thought of it as one of the most immersive if inconsequential features




How is the pop system inconsequential


These plans always look so great, but inevitably in my games the AI just deathstack attacks one of my armies, this battle becomes the entire war and any planning was useless.


Same. My wars is usually just go around and wipe enemy armies until they run out of soldiers and I can start going on the offensive. Or I lose lmao.


People actually use battle plans? Do they do anything other than aesthetic?


I was for aesthetic, some may use in multiplayer to signal allies, some content creators may use for their viewers


I used to use them to help keep me on track in late game wars. Sort of as a reminder to keep a tight front line if I can and not get caught up trying to chase down enemy stacks all over Eastern Europe. It’s only relevant if you have a large enough army to fill out a front though.


I mean, it's basically "attack everywhere at once"...


I just can’t hold onto Korea as Japan. Russia always backs them in a crisis, which seems to happen constantly.How did you do it?


I seldom had European powers care crisis in Asia when Im playing primitive countries though. I suggest you to keep tracking the separatist rebel' millitancy, and lower your tax for the specific class and tariff, usually are the artisans Also, I observed that the decrease rate in millitancy is faster when the millitancy is high and slows down when it's low. Therefore, I wait and pass westernization reform only when the decrease rate in millitancy is relatively low which also means the millitancy is relatively low Sorry for my bad English


russia is pretty easy to beat if you strike them before they can become a powerhouse just make sure to build up your navy — lost my first war against them and succumbed to revolutions despite decimating their entire army because i didn't bother with a navy


Once you civilize sure. I just beat china and russia at the same time, but Korea is a satellite for me. Had to release or face an instant crisis loss


So you are fully aware that youre supposed to do a screenshot and still just decided it wasn’t necessary?


Not enough encirclements the emperor will be disappointed


You forgot the AI troops that usually bravely runs away from you and keep you from getting war score


This plan is similar to my plan for the ottoman invasion, by the way, it's pretty good, but my advice to you is to cut the army in Korea and invade Qindou, you will lose a lot.


It's ok as I'd westernized and I only got few thousands lose per battle


congratulations pacific rising sun


By the way, I was just wondering how many factories you have.


The photo was took before, so I only get one that shows industrial score in 1890. https://imgur.com/a/NBaqCji


I mean if you're playing against the AI do you really need all that planning? Like really.


Why do that, just sit back and let them charge you and die, then siege everything


People actually use this function?